March 2, 2022

Highlighting Black Organizations and Their Impact on Baltimore’s Youth

Homage to Black History Month

March has just begun, and spring is only a few weeks away! Since we’ve just wrapped up the month of February, we would like to reflect on Black History Month. Along with highlighting historic Black figures that have shaped our nation, we also want to support local organizations and honor individuals we have had the pleasure of meeting and collaborating with!


Heavy Paper Co, Lawrence

Meet Lawrence! Lawrence makes up half of Lottie’s Place, where he and Darryl craft handmade giftware and custom furniture.

In addition to their commitment to crafting quality products, Lawrence hopes Lottie’s Place has a strong impact on Black youth growing up in Baltimore City. Specifically, he leads with a strong example of hard work, ownership, and overcoming adversity to achieve one’s goals. In the words of the great American poet, Kevin Garnett, “ANYTHING IS POSSIBBBBBBLE.”

Please support them by visiting @lottiesplacestore to view and purchase their work.


A Tribe Called Run, Will

We want to show off Will of A Tribe Called Run as our second local figure for Black History Month!

When asked “What legacy do you want the Tribe to impart to Baltimore city youth?”, he replied:

“I hope that it gives them the ability to realize that anything is achievable! Running has given me the ability to realize that there’s a process to achieving the difficult accomplishment of completing a marathon or half marathon!

If you pay attention, training for a marathon can translate to your everyday life! The skills learned while training can teach them that putting their focus and consistency towards a goal can allow them to reach some unimaginable things! The best lesson that I think running can offer the young black kids in Baltimore is “PATIENCE”! A little of hard work towards that goal everyday, will take you a lot further than thinking you need the ability to complete that goal your first time out!”

Are you looking to start running? Here’s some advice from an expert!:

“My word of advice is to just get out and do it! The best way to learn is from experience!

I hated when businesspeople would say you should learn to fail or that your business will fail, but you can use it as a lesson. Unfortunately, Black people don’t get second chances at big opportunities such as opening a business or their dream job, so we’re ingrained with this thought that you’ve got to almost be perfect your first time doing something.

However, learn how to fail and do it fast, with the ability to grow from it is what they should really say!

Some of my best lessons have come from failing, it’s scary to jump out there and not do something right and be considered a failure, but sometimes it’s the best way to ensure that you learn and get better at your craft!”

Thank you for the community you’ve created, Will! Go to their Instagram bio to see the days and times they run.


African Diaspora Alliance

Our final spotlight for moral organizations in the Baltimore area goes to The African Diaspora Alliance founders Jasmine and Moriah!

They have helped Youth understand their root by helping unlearn the fallacies taught about Black history, connect descendants of Africa to the global African community, plan excursions overseas for youth, and much more!

When asked “What impact do you hope your organization has for the Black youth growing up in Baltimore city?”, here’s how they replied:

“That they have knowledge of who they are and the skills to self-determine what change looks like in their communities through what they’ve learned in our program…and that more youth get to experience traveling the world through our program.”

The best way to support the African Diaspora Alliance currently is to donate to the organization.

Chauncey “The Trainer”

Lastly, we want to highlight one of our very own, Chauncey aka “The Trainer” Whitehead.

Chauncey is a local hero in the health and wellness field. He’s been a coach and trainer for more than 20 years. He’s led programming for the YMCA, set a record for the most sit ups done in one hour (okay, there’s a little controversy, but we know the truth), led fitness and fellowship groups for men and has led a Health Walk for more than 100 weeks in a row – more than two years! – every Sunday morning starting at MissionFit.

And he told us in this month’s podcast: “A community that walks together, talks together.”

Community and Consistency are two beliefs Chauncey lives by and we love having him in part of our own community.

We appreciate you Chauncey, and check out the podcast here


Strengthen Baltimore’s Youth with MissionFit!

MissionFit is dedicated to strengthening Baltimore youth through classes and an open gym. It’s our goal to encourage positive traits, like respect and teamwork, and provide children with a place to gain self-confidence and enjoy some exercise. To learn more about our classes or donate to support our mission, visit our website. Want to Support? We’re making health a possibility and a priority for Baltimore’s youth. If you want to support us, here are two easy ways to do so:

1. Donate here!
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March 2, 2022

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