July 6, 2021

Exercise is Critical Across the World!

World Health Day

Health and wellness are fundamental components that help make up a healthy, happy life. That’s why we can look across the globe and find unique ways to stay physically fit at every stop along the way. Let’s observe some of the different ways individuals around the world are embracing fitness!

Tai Chi

While originally developed in ancient China for self-defense, Tai chi has since evolved into a graceful, nuanced type of exercise that is great for stress reduction.


Back in 1988, parkour was developed in France as a sport that uses urban terrain as a stage to perform expressive, skillful moves. Since then, parkour and free running have become popular across the globe!

Snow Activities

People have always found genuinely fun ways to exercise regardless of their terrain. In countries that receive heavy snowfall like Canada, activities like skiing, snowboarding and even shoveling snow keep citizens healthy and fit.

Highlighting an Exercise Issue at Home

We’ve provided three unique ways that people exercise across the globe, but the list could easily go on much longer. Because exercise is so critical to the human experience, we’ve come up with lots of ways to make it part of our lives.

This actually highlights an issue that has been present here in our home country. Despite the importance of exercise, nutrition and wellness, these factors are often ignored altogether in prisons throughout the United States. Instead, every portion of an inmate’s life is heavily controlled, and their basic needs are often ignored.

The stress relief benefits, and physical benefits of exercising are well documented, so we can only hope to see more fitness programs and opportunities made available to the incarcerated.

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July 6, 2021

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