April 14, 2021

Trans Rights in Sports with Megan Rapinoe

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Whenever she decides to hang up her cleats, Megan Rapinoe will long be remembered as one of the greatest American soccer players to ever take the field. Her dedication to greatness doesn’t stop when she leaves the pitch, however. When she’s not winning gold medals and scoring the most improbable goals imaginable, she is also an ambassador for Athlete Ally, a nonprofit that advocates for equal opportunities in sports. Recently, one of her focuses has been on a current issue that is impacting young athletes across the nation: transgender rights in youth sports.

In a recent Washington Post article, Rapinoe outlined her opinions regarding efforts across the United States to ban transgender children from taking part in school sports. For context, in this year alone, more than 25 states have proposed legislation to impose such bans. In March, Mississippi enacted a law that requires schools to designate teams by assigned gender at birth.

There are a few reasons why Megan Rapinoe has stood up against this recent legislation:

People Shouldn’t Be Treated Differently Because of Who They Are

Rapinoe argues that banning transgender children is solving a problem that doesn’t exist. When someone’s rights are removed without explanation, they are victims of discrimination. Thus, when trans children are banned from competing in sports, they too are being needlessly discriminated against.

Participating in Sports is Important

The health benefits we receive from participating in sports is only one of the several reasons we keep choosing to do it. Playing a sport helps us gain confidence, self-respect and leadership skills. Additionally, sports teach us how to effectively work together as a team. Each of these skills will continue to benefit us for the rest of our lives—MissionFit stands strong in our belief that sports and health are rights, and we all deserve them!

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April 14, 2021

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