March 22, 2021

Women’s History Month 2021: Talking with Keiona and Lauren

Keiona and Lauren

March is Women’s History Month! We’ve asked two of our women coaches to share a little about their journey, what hurdles or obstacles they’ve experienced during their journey, how they overcame them, and what advice they might have for the next generation of women.

They’re candid, honest and full of fantastic advice!

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What Does Being A Woman Mean to You?


Pushing the boundaries when given that label. For example, as a woman frequently in leadership roles, I tend to be more alpha and do alpha activities, like strength training. In terms of human biology, women bring amazing beta energy and characteristics to the world. Being able to switch between energies and embrace energy to change the world and make positive differences is what being a woman means to me.


Being a woman means to be powerful. We have the power to bring life into the world, be feminine and bold at the same time, while also being strong in the tough times. I identify as being strong, intuitive, assertive and feminine. Women are multi-faceted and creative in how we think and execute.

What Do You Do/ How Do You Identify?


I am the leader of an organization that works to heal youth mental health from a holistic/ whole body integrative standpoint. I also view myself as a guide to help people reflect back to who they are and the energy of the collective whole/community/environment.


I am a woman. Pronouns: She / Her.

Professionally, I’m an engineer. Therefore, I’m a strategic thinker and a problem solver. I am a busines owner of a very flavorful company called Kondiments, a boutique agency providing creative direction, decorations and event planning.

I am a multipotentialite, which is a fancy way to say, “I do a lot!” I’m a group fitness instructor, a former running coach, I travel, make jewelry, make clothes and provide styling and marketing for businesses…I guess you could say I am busy!


What Does Women’s History Month Mean to You?


I love to use Women’s History Month as a call of reflections. It’s the perfect time to look back on what I’ve done in the last year, what the world has done and how far we have come in the many decades and centuries in terms of equality for women.


Women’s History Month is a time to unapologetically shine a light on the many contributions women have made throughout history. It’s a time to let their voices be heard, to step out from the darkness and be proud of our accomplishments.

It’s a time to acknowledge, celebrate and rejoice in our efforts and what makes us great.

It’s a time where we don’t have to be modest, we can be bold in our statements about who we are, what we want and how we contribute to society.

What Advice Would Offer, And to Whom?


I would offer advice to the undeveloped mind (young women), and encourage them to fully embrace themselves, whatever that may mean to them. I always find myself landing in alpha leadership roles and tapping into more alpha energy because society is pushing for women to “do more, be more”. At the same time, the beauty of being a woman is bringing beta energy while still being able to access those things. Ultimately, women should be whoever they are, whatever they want to be and not apologize based on societal input. We can’t let society affect our decisions!


I tell young people all the time: You are your brand, and you have to remember to show up and excel when it comes to your brand and who you are.

In Fitness, part of your brand is to be healthy, to make wise decisions when it comes to your health. That could involve things like going for walks, the food you eat, the amount of water you drink. It’s not about a certain size, weight or look. The goal is to be healthy and to feel healthy. If you aren’t going to invest in your body, then you will put limits on things you are able to accomplish and changes you can make. Whether it’s a healthy mind through reading, a healthy heart through spreading love or a healthy body, it’s important that we nurture those things so that we can grow and make major impacts on the spaces we inhabit.

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March 22, 2021

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