January 4, 2021

What the Role of Physical Education in Public Health?

Public Health

Way back in the early 1990s, the physical education curriculum’s primary purpose was to provide students with the knowledge, abilities, skills and confidence they would need to make physical exercise a part of their lives for years to come. This concept is excellent, and these goals still exist today, but something was missing. It wasn’t until a game-changing 1991 paper called “Physical Education’s Role in Public Health” that physical education’s public health impact became a prominent topic of discussion in the field. After this topic was brought to light, efforts to revitalize the curriculum followed soon after. Let’s take a look at the state of physical education today!

Physical Education and Public Health

Despite the widespread understanding of the benefits of embracing public health in physical education, we could still use some work in perfecting the curriculum. At this point, there are several models for physical education in place, and they’re not all created equally. For example, many in the field now appreciate the link between public health and physical education but remove too much active time from daily physical activities to compensate for discussions about motor learning, sports skills and social development. These are all worthy causes, but we shouldn’t have to sacrifice physical activity to include them.

Fixing Physical Education Deficiencies with HOPE

An article published by the US National Library of Medicine set out to provide a means for educators to embrace public health goals in physical education further and improve other aspects of the curriculum. The plan is called HOPE (Health-Optimizing Physical Education). HOPE’s fundamental objectives are to ensure that students are active for at least 50% of class time, to keep students engaged regardless of their physical ability and to improve class participation and public health as a result. These goals are entirely in line with what we do at MissionFit, and we plan to keep pushing to help each of our participants achieve them.

Get Stronger with MissionFit

MissionFit is dedicated to strengthening Baltimore youth through classes and an open gym. Our goal is to encourage positive traits, like respect and teamwork, and provide children with a place to gain self-confidence and enjoy some exercise. To learn more about our classes or donate to support our mission, visit our website. Want to Support? We’re making health a possibility and a priority for Baltimore’s youth. If you want to support us, here are three easy ways to do so:

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January 4, 2021

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