October 1, 2020

Did You Know That Exercising Can Make Learning Easier?

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If you checked out our blog post from earlier in the month, you learned that exercising physically strengthens the part of our brains responsible for creating and storing long term memories. Scientists are discovering hidden benefits of exercise all the time. This time, we dive into a study that reveals a strong correlation between exercising in an educational setting and memorization.

Exercising and Learning

We know from last time that exercising itself can help strengthen our memory. But what happens if we exercise, while we’re learning new information? Researchers at the University of Wollongong conducted a study that explored just that.

The researchers worked with four groups of preschool children on memorizing 14 new Italian words. The groups were taught the words in the following ways:

  1. Children physically acted out the words as a form of exercise.
  2. Children exercised at the same intensity separately from learning the new vocabulary.
  3. Children acted out gestures while sitting down.
  4. Children repeated the words aloud while sitting down.

After 4 weeks of practicing their vocabulary words, each group was then quizzed on them. The children who combined exercise with vocabulary scored higher than all other groups. The group that repeated the words aloud while seated scored the lowest.

What Do These Results Mean?

To us, these results indicate that physical activity should be included more often in traditional classroom settings. It’s clear that integrating movement into a cognitive learning task can be effective due to its cognitive and physiological effects. This effectiveness increases when children exercise in groups since observing other’ movements plays a key role in forming episodic memories.

With this in mind, let’s make sure we remember the importance of exercising regularly for our bodies and our minds!

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October 1, 2020