July 20, 2020

How Do Our Bodies Really Get Stronger?

lifting weights

Building muscle is easy, right? Not always! Pairing resistance training with a healthy diet is among the most popular methods for increasing muscle growth, but you shouldn’t necessarily expect those large gains to appear instantly when you’re new to training. Pre-adolescent children in particular often observe very minimal visible muscle growth after starting resistance training routines. We don’t always see visible muscle growth, but it is very clear that overall strength is improving. This brings up a very interesting question: how do our bodies really get stronger?

Human Strength Analyzed

In late June, researchers at New Castle University published a study that offers some great insight into how humans can increase their strength without noticeable muscular results. The subjects of the study were two female Macaque monkeys. After equipping the monkeys with various tracking sensors, the researchers trained the monkeys to complete various simple weight routines.

Over the three-month trial period, it was discovered that progressively stronger signals were being sent from the monkeys’ brains to their muscles. The change was noted in the reticulospinal tract, a group of nerves that impact motor skills and posture, of both test subjects. With this knowledge, the researchers were able to conclude that the monkeys were getting stronger because of increased communication between their brains and their muscles.

Humans also have a reticulospinal tract, like the Macaque monkey. As such, we can reasonably apply the result of the study to our own fitness lives. Ultimately, if you aren’t noticing muscle growth, that doesn’t mean your exercise isn’t working! Pay attention to how much weight you’re able to lift as a true measure of your strength.

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July 20, 2020