May 22, 2020

The Benefits of Yoga for Your Mental Health


Every type of exercise is beneficial in one way or another, as physical activity is necessary for us to remain healthy and strong. What are some of the benefits of yoga that span beyond physical health and include mental health?

Brain Power Boost

One study found that practicing yoga improves cognitive ability through at least two mechanisms. When your mood is poor, it is associated with lower levels of cognitive function and ability. Hatha yoga, among other types of yoga, has been found to increase mood similar to aerobic exercise. This flood of good-mood hormones can radically improve your mood and, as a result, also give your brain power a boost.

Improve Your Body Awareness

One of the other benefits of yoga is improved body awareness. Many postures and positions emphasize focusing on your breathing, specific muscles and precise parts of the body. Having to pay close attention to things can improve your attention span not only when you are practicing yoga, but also when you go to work or sit down to study. If your child practices yoga on a regular basis, they can experience improved attentional focus in addition to other benefits of yoga.

Stress Relief

Finally, another one of the many benefits of yoga is stress relief and improved stress management. In yoga, instead of moving quickly and focusing on high-impact movements that immediately break a sweat, many poses and routines are based around stillness and holding a posture for an extended period of time. When you have time to slow down and focus, it can lower stress levels. Instead of anticipating the next move to come, your body can relax into the pose and appreciate what is happening.

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May 22, 2020