March 3, 2020

How Physical Activity Can Reduce Barriers to Learning in Children with Developmental Disorders

At MissionFit, we want to help all children find success in and out of the classroom. Children with developmental disorders face unique challenges when learning, and a recent study on physical activity and learning shows promise for new ways to help these students thrive.

Exercise and Children with Developmental Disorders

This study details findings that indicate ongoing physical activity and even single bouts of exercise can help as a non-pharmaceutical intervention for children with developmental disorders. Many children with developmental disorders like ADHD and ASD experience lower physical activity participation levels than their peers. A growing body of work is showing how critical physical activity is to cognitive health, which suggests the same is true for these populations.

One study found that single “doses” of exercise in students with ADHD could be incredibly effective. Unlike traditional drug-based therapies that require numerous dosages over an extended period to be effective, exercise and chronic physical activity could provide lasting benefits in the classroom on top of the physical benefits of exercise.

There are a variety of reasons why experts think that physical activity offers benefits in the classroom to children with developmental disorders. To get your child started on a journey of chronic exercise, or routine exercise, MissionFit is a great place to start. With fun workouts that are geared to your child’s skill level and situation, you can feel great about the progress they are making.

Have you noticed a positive effect on your child’s classroom behavior as a result of physical activity?

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March 3, 2020