January 9, 2020

The Importance of Positive Mentors for Teens and Kids

Whether you’re a child, a teen or an adult, positive mentors matter. Numerous studies support the need for mentors as children and teens grow into successful, confident adults. From improved academic performance, to lower absentee rates to a reduction in drug use and abuse, positive mentors for teens are critical. Why are positive mentors for teens and kids so powerful?

Mentors Make Connections

One of the most important roles that positive mentors for teens and kids serve is making valuable connections that parents cannot always make. It is completely normal for kids and teens to want to assert their independence from their parents, whether that’s through not listening to their advice or tuning them out. Positive mentors can ensure that kids and teens will still get quality guidance from adults who are not their parents. Having a positive role model can give kids the reinforcement that they need without it feeling like a lecture from Mom or Dad.

Mentors Support Parents

Parents and Guardians are really impactful people in a child’s life, but positive mentors for teens and kids can supplement their guidance and support good parenting. When children find themselves wanting to break free from their parents, they can speak to a trustworthy adult with similar values to still receive good advice, but have it come from someone other than their parents. When a mentor is present while a teen or kid is questioning beliefs and discovering who they are, a mentor can support them in finding out who they are.

Just like mentors can support parents, parents should also make a point of supporting mentors to help facilitate positive outcomes. When you work alongside your child’s mentors, you can amplify their impact and create lasting supportive relationships between the mentor and your child, you and your child and you and your child’s mentor.

Who are the most trusted mentors that your teen or child has?

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January 9, 2020