December 5, 2019

Reducing Screen Time and Increasing Family Time this Holiday Season

Technology is a part of everyday life, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. After all, it connects us with people around the world, teaches us things and helps us to learn and get access to valuable content like this blog! However, many kids and teens today get too much screen time and not enough family time. How can you go about reducing screen time in your house and increasing family time?

Reducing Screen Time

First things first, make sure that you are realistic about what screen time is necessary. Many children have online homework or need to use the internet to complete coursework. There are also plenty of websites that are highly educational and free to use. When setting limits on screen time, it is often wise to focus on reducing screen time for non-educational activities. If your child needs an hour online just to finish homework, two hours would be a more reasonable limit than 90 minutes. Make sure that you are also setting a good example. Even if you love your new e-reader, pick up a traditional book to give your eyes a break and show your children how much fun screen-free time can be.

Increasing Family Time

To give family time a boost, try planning an activity every day (or once a week) that is totally screen-free. Whether that’s reading a book together before bed for an hour or eating dinner together without phones, the stability and routine that an hour of screen-free family time provides can greatly help your kids. During the holidays, you can also take advantage of all the free and low-cost activities that take place out of the house, like driving around to look at holiday light displays.

How will you reduce screen time and increase family time during the holidays this year?

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December 5, 2019