October 2, 2019

Why Rest and Recovery Matter

If your child is hitting the gym or playing sports multiple times a week, are they giving themselves enough of a break? Rest and recovery are critical to the performance of every athlete, even if that athlete spends more time on the playground than playing Monday Night Football. Why do rest and recovery matter, and how can you help your child get enough?

There are two different types of recovery, short-term recovery and long-term recovery. The most common type of recovery (and the easiest type to get) is immediate or short-term recovery. This recovery happens in the hours following exercise, and it can also include things like lower intensity exercise after a workout or cooling down. Long-term recovery periods are often built into a training schedule, and they can include days or weeks of no intense exercise.Sleep also counts towards recovery. Getting plenty of sleep doesn’t just help your child perform well in the classroom; it also helps to improve their performance on the basketball court or in the gym. Athletes who do not get enough sleep increase their risk of losing aerobic endurance and raising their cortisol levels.

How Can Your Child or Teen Prioritize Rest and Recovery?

Ensuring that your child or teen gets enough rest and recovery is important. How can you help?

  • Nutrition: Post-workout or gym meals should be balanced and filled with healthy carbohydrates and fats to fuel the body, protein to help build and repair muscle and plenty of water to replace the water lost during exercise.
  • Sleep: 7-9 hours of sleep are essential for every child or teen.
  • Days of Rest: If your child or teen is training hard for 5 or more days a week, make sure that you incorporate rest days or weeks into their schedule.

How much rest and recovery does your child or teen get in a week?

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October 2, 2019