June 19, 2019

Getting Your Family Involved in Exercise

Your children need to move to stay healthy, and you do too! One of the best ways to get quality time with your kids and cross working out off of your to-do list is getting your family involved in exercise. Working out as a family doesn’t have to mean all heading to the same class at MissionFit (although we love seeing you!). It can also mean simple things, like taking a walk after dinner. How can you get your family involved in exercise?

4 Tips to Get Your Family Involved in Exercise

  1. Start the tradition of heading for a walk before or after dinner this summer. The weather is warm enough to enjoy your time spent outside, and walks are a great bonding opportunity too. Think your child is too young to enjoy a walk before or after dinner? Even if one of your kids is in a stroller, there’s no reason why they have to stay home.
  2. Make household chores into a game and get the whole family involved in exercise the next time you need to clean. Is dust invading your home? Your kids are armed with a Swiffer or broom and charged with capturing every dust bunny to save the house. Do your children love leaving their toys and clothes on the floor? Now it’s lava! They only have 30 minutes to help save all of the teddy bears by picking them up.
  3. Spending time in front of the television or tablet and streaming television or movies is a part of daily life. Make family television time into family exercise time by turning commercials into fitness breaks. Whether you tell your kids that they are princess push-ups or Simpsons sit-ups, working fitness breaks into your family life doesn’t have to be hard.
  4. Do you have a hopeful quarterback or soccer star in your house? Start a weekly sports night, basketball game or other exercise-related tradition. If you have multiple children, allow them to take turns choosing what sport the family will try that week.

How have you and your family found creative ways to get active and exercise together? Let us know in the comments below!

Get Your Family Involved in Exercise with MissionFit

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June 19, 2019