May 22, 2019

The Pros and Cons of Your Child Playing Sports

Playing sports and spending time in the gym are both awesome ways for kids to get exercise and build life-long skillsets that will serve them well in the future. However, there are some downsides to exercise in some situations. What are the pros and cons of your child playing sports and hitting the gym?

The Pros of Playing Sports

  • Sportsmanship: Playing a team sport, or working out with a group in the gym at MissionFit, teaches the art of sportsmanship, shared responsibility and sharing credit with others. Learning how to think about what is best for a team is a vital skill for the workplace, and it helps to build confidence when kids playing as part of a team succeed together.
  • Relieve Stress: Between homework, high expectations in class and pressure on social media, kids and teens today experience plenty of stress! Many kids experience a tremendous amount of stress relief when playing sports or working out with friends in a group.
  • Accomplishment: Whenever a teen or kid gets to set a goal and work toward achieving it, it’s an awesome sight to behold! Participating in individual or team sports helps kids to set goals, work towards achieving them and feel a strong sense of pride when they are accomplished.

The Cons of Playing Sports

  • Injury Risk: If your child is playing sports in an unsupervised environment or without the help of a Coach like at MissionFit, there is an increased risk of injury. It’s important to always make sure kids are supervised by an adult, especially when working with weight equipment and other exercise tools that could cause injury. Adults will also ensure that kids take proper breaks for hydration and stretching when playing sports to lower the chance of strain or injury.
  • Getting Discouraged: When kids give something their all and don’t reach their goal, it can be heartbreaking. The weight of failure can be intense. However, in a positive environment surrounded by coaches and teammates, encouragement to try again can outweigh the disappointment they feel. In fact, to grow mentally and physically, failure is a critical component. At MissionFit we encourage failure and teach our that failure is part of the path to achieving your goals.

So, what have you learned playing on a team or exercising in the gym?

Get Moving with MissionFit

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May 22, 2019