May 8, 2019

How Exercise Helps Teens and Kids Manage School Stress

School stress is a serious problem for many students, who sometimes struggle to balance heavy workloads with social pressures. If your student is having a hard time working to manage school stress, exercise can be an awesome outlet. One report from the American Academy of Pediatrics found that too much work and not enough play for children could lead to problems later in life—“Colleges are seeing a generation of students who appear to be manifesting increased signs of depression, anxiety, perfectionism and stress.” How can MissionFit help teens and kids manage school stress?

Exercise Changes the Brain

Princeton University commissioned a study to examine the brains of rats that exercise. The study found that rats who exercised had neurons that responded differently to stress compared to rats that didn’t exercise as regularly. While both sets of rats did experience stress as a result of unpleasant stimuli (swimming in cold water), the newest brain cells in the rats that exercised were less likely to be stressed. Scientists have long thought that exercise makes positive changes in the brain, but studies like this show that one way to manage school stress is practicing regular exercise.

Better Manage Future Stress

A Canadian study found that students who played team sports and exercised with peers in grades 8-12 had less stress and lower levels of depression as young adults. Thanks to the confidence, judgment skills and changes in the brain to better cope with stress, these students experienced long-term success in college.

Another study found that people who experience regular vigorous exercise are 25% less likely to develop an anxiety disorder or depression over the next five years. Physical exercise doesn’t just help to manage school stress; it also helps to improve overall mental health!

Get Moving with MissionFit

MissionFit is dedicated to strengthening Baltimore youth through classes and an open gym. It’s our goal to encourage positive traits, like respect and teamwork, and provide children with a place to gain self-confidence and enjoy some exercise. To learn more about our classes or donate to support our mission, visit our website. Want to Support? We’re making health a possibility and a priority for Baltimore’s youth. If you want to support, here’s three easy ways:

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May 8, 2019