January 9, 2018

Year in Review: 2017

One of our last Gratitude Circles of the year! Our kids in the Baltimore City Police Bridge Program tell us why they are thankful.

Thanks to You, 2017 was a Year to Remember.

  • MissionFit upgraded to a new and improved gym space. Developing our most fun and functional space wasn’t easy or cheap. A leaky roof gave up on it’s duties 2 weeks before our grand opening, but we rallied and pulled through!
  • We had an increase of Baltimore’s Youth entering our doors. It’s an improvement, but we are sitting on our laurels. 2018 is a year of building.
  • We were able to offer more classes to the Baltimore Community, which were also free to our youth. This was crucial to our sustainability because when you train at MissionFit our coaches contribute to cover rent. Contractor rental in the off hours has been the major contributor in revenue stream that will allow us to hire team members in 2018. 

The Highlights

This past year was full of many beautiful and challenging moments that pushed us all as Coaches, Volunteers, Students, and Members of the Community.

One moment that stands out in particular involves a young man who is a regular member of MissionFit’s weekly Strength Club. This 16 year old has been attending MissionFit consistently for the past two years and is dedicated to beating his dead-lifting record, improving his basketball skills, and supporting his peers in the gym. 

A few months ago, he tragically lost his father to an act of violence. Understandingly so, this young man took a break from school to deal with the sudden loss, but he still up showed up at MissionFit the very next day to be surrounded by his community members and pursue his personal journey of strength.

This moment is one that gives true meaning to our mission. Our Youth may initially take interest in MissionFit for the fitness training and guidance we provide, but they stay because of the family they find in MissionFit’s Community.

What’s Next?

As we move into 2018, we plan to reach even more at-risk youth and create a safe space for them to grow physically and mentally.

In 2017, we had 285 True Supporters. This means we had 285 individuals make a difference in the life of a Baltimore Youth by donating $8.34 each month or $100 this year. This number resets for us on an annual basis and, with your help, 2018 can be the year we double that amount to double the impact MissionFit has on the city of Baltimore. 

January 9, 2018