May 22, 2017

Testimonials from MissionFit Students

We asked our students that come to us from Margaret Brent Middle about what they think about their time at MIssionFit. This is what they said…

Trayon: I like MissionFit because I can work out with my friends. The coaches are nice and encourage us to do our very best.

Yoshi: I like playing with the boys, I think it’s fun. Her favorite day was when a day when only her and Gavi showed up, and they got to work out directly with Ruth, Betsy, Wykeem, and GB on a sunny day on the rooftop.

Carlos: Everything about MissionFit is awesome! You guys help us get stronger and I like that. We learn about teamwork and cooperation.

Gavi: (had to be nearly dragged away from the pull-up bar for this quick interview, because she is so excited about being able to do pull-ups) Working with the coaches is my favorite part of MissionFit, because the coaches are fun and you show us a lot. I like building muscles. Just the other day I had to jump a fence to get our soccer ball, and I could do it with no problem.

Neil: I come to MissionFit to get stronger. I feel like Goku from Dragonball Super. I always have a good time, even when it’s hard work.

John: At MissionFit I can take my anger out on the weights, and its going to help me be big enough to play football in high school and college. Lifting weights is my favorite. I like it a lot here!

Justin: I come to MissionFit to get stronger, stay fit, and be active. I like the coaches here. I feel confident and stronger after coming to MissionFit.

May 22, 2017

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