September 1, 2016

Everyone can thrive from Strength Training!

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. – Proverb from a very frustrated horse owner.

I’m not suggesting that you are a horse, but…..

I’d like to lead you to water, in other words: explain the importance of strength training with a coach, and I’d like you to drink, in other words: join a class or tell someone about MissionFit, when you get to that water. 

The work we do at MissionFit, strength/conditioning/mobility is a key piece in everyone’s ability to thrive. It just plays a different role depending on where you are in your life. Examples are…

  • Strength training increasing bone density to combat osteoporosis and frail bones in your golden years.
  • Mobility and postural strength in your late twenties and early thirties that will extend your hard earned athleticism from your youth. 
  • The neural adaptions to youth who participate in gymnastics are unrivaled when it comes to developing full body awareness, coordination, and strength. 
  • The confidence built by doing more difficult progressions in an exercise or progressively heavier weights is beyond value to your self esteem and confidence in your abilities no matter what age or goal. 
  • Now this is where a qualified coach comes in. You can certainly do physical training by yourself, but I’ve not seen many scenarios where a good coach couldn’t help you get to your goals faster, and with less roadblocks. 

In order to take proper action I’m going to break you into 2 categories. 

14 years old to 100 years old: come to our community classes to get training that is 100% scalable/individualized to where you’re at. The Strength Clubs are donation based so there can’t be any objection about cost 😉
14 years old to 24 years old: we have classes just for you! You are the primary reason we are open!
So, show up! Or email me for more details. 


September 1, 2016