We’re changing the landscape of youth, health and wellness in
Baltimore by creating a supportive community centered around fitness.

Who We Are Keep In Touch

We’re changing the landscape of youth, health and wellness in
Baltimore by creating a supportive community centered around fitness.

Who We Are Keep In Touch

We’re changing the landscape of youth, health and wellness in
Baltimore by creating a supportive community centered around fitness.

Who We Are Keep In Touch

We’re changing the landscape of youth health and wellness in
Baltimore by creating a supportive community, centered around fitness.

Who We Are

Keep In Touch

We’re changing the landscape of youth health and wellness in
Baltimore by creating a supportive community, centered around fitness.

Who We Are

Keep In Touch

We’re changing the landscape of youth health and wellness in
Baltimore by creating a supportive community, centered around fitness.

Who We Are

Keep In Touch


Who We Are

MissionFit is

Baltimore’s Youth
Its Future Coaches
Creating an Inclusive and Intentional Community

For the greater good of our Youth and the Baltimore community.

What we do

At MissionFit, we provide a safe space, resources for health and an environment for continued personal growth.

Our Programs

Youth Fitness Program

MissionFit offers free fitness classes to Baltimore’s youth ages 11-24. Participation in a consistent, positive fitness program helps our youth to develop confidence and self-acceptance, work ethic and important life skills such as goal setting, time management and accountability. Our youth come to MissionFit from nearby neighborhood communities, as well as through partnerships with youth development organizations.

(Supportive Trainer Education Program)

Our S.T.E.P. program works to educate Baltimore’s future personal trainers and coaches. Participants work alongside a certified trainer to develop skills in safety and professionalism, fitness programming and client relationship and development. Upon completion of the program, participants receive the certification of their choice, fully paid for by MissionFit.

An Inclusive Fitness Community

We seek to provide an inclusive intentional community through a variety of classes open to the Greater Baltimore fitness community. Classes are made available at affordable rates. From drop-in rates of $10 to donation-based classes, our goal is to offer a space where community comes first, and profit is secondary.

Summer Program: Strength Ambassadors

For 5 weeks, youth participate in a meaningful summer program to build healthy habits, develop their knowledge of personal fitness, training, and learn the facilitation skills to bring their knowledge to their friends and family. These youth, called Strength Ambassadors, learn the skills to effectively take ownership over their health, and how to teach those skills – coaching, mindfulness, healthy eating, public speaking – to their own community.

Summer Program

Rise Up Ride Out (RURO), is a team of three youth-centered nonprofits – MissionFit, BYKE and Corner Team – working together to provide a health & wellness, and social & emotional learning summer program for Baltimore City youth. We believe that achieving health and wellness requires one to define goals in respect to physical fitness, social awareness and emotional control. Our comprehensive program is designed to promote autonomy by encouraging and instilling transferable life skills. 

RURO is for youth 13-18.

Youth Interviews

MissionFit Youth Spotlight: Sage

Hey Wonderful World!Today is the last day of Community Week, and I couldn't think of a better way to close things out than to showcase Sage. Sage has been coming to us for a little over a year, is a fierce jumper-of-ropes, and has dedication and a smile that we could all learn from. Listen to her talk about jump-rope competitions (at the Apollo no less!), and what it's like being in 8th grade in Baltimore during quarantine.Thank you Sage for always bringing great energy - and we're looking forward to when this is over so you can teach us more than you already have!

Posted by MissionFit on Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Coach Spotlights

Strengthening the Mind, Body, and Community — Joshua Day ’16
MissionFit 5 Year - What MissionFit Means

Hey Community,As you know, today is the final day of Community Week. We asked our Coaches what MissionFit means today, and how they are MissionFit. Check it out!!!And starting at 1pm, see each Coach's entire video.

Posted by MissionFit on Thursday, April 30, 2020
Collaboration Video

"Breakfast off" between Yoshwah and Wes!

Posted by MissionFit on Sunday, April 26, 2020
Breakfast Challenge Pt. 1
Community Day 2020/ 5 year anniversary

Hey everyone! I hope you are staying safe and sane during these times! We planned to have our community day today but how we want to highlight the many wonderful people that make up MissionFit Baltimore took a slightly different approach! We hope that you stay tuned because our community day has now become a community week!The aim of this week is to show a small number of the people that have joined our family and that their message(s) in some form, resonate with you or cause you to reflect and grow in a positive way.Peace & Blessings,The MissionFit Team

Posted by MissionFit on Saturday, April 25, 2020
Wes & Joshua Discussion

MissionFit in the Media

The Uplift Fitness Club Podcast
MissionFit: Strengthening Baltimore's Youth

The Bloomberg Fellows Program

The Bloomberg Fellows Program is a groundbreaking initiative that provides world-class public health training to individuals engaged with organizations tackling critical challenges facing the United States. Meet the new class.

Read More

Our Classes

We offer many classes to meet the needs of youth, and to build a safe and supportive community. All of our classes are free to Baltimore residents between the ages of 11-24. For all other community members, our classes are drop-in or donation based. 

Click on an event below for more details. 

Strength Club
 @ MissionFit
Strength Club
 @ MissionFit

Strength Club
@ MissionFit

Husky Boys
5:30-6:30 PM
@ MissionFit

Free Baltimore Yoga
6:30-7:30 PM
@ MissionFit

@ MissionFit/Sisson Street Park
Community Health Walk
Start Time 7:30AM
@Sisson Street Park
Tuesday: TBD
Thursday: Wes
Sunday: Maria
(Subject to change)
Tuesday: 6pm-8pm
Thursday: 6pm-8pm
Sunday: 9am-11am
Free or Donation
WesMonday: 5:30pm-7:00pm1st class free, $20 drop in, $15 class w/purchase of 5
KeionaMonday: 6:30pm-7:30pm$10
ParthWednesdays: 6:00pm-7:30pm1st class free, $20 drop in, $15 class w/purchase of 4
EmilyThursday: 6:15pm-7:30pmFree
TonySaturday: 8am-9am$10
SteveSaturdays: 9am-10am$10
TonySaturday: 1/month 10:30am$35
with Aron McConnell

When: April 27, 2pm-4pm

What: Everything about the Shoulder

Cost: $30 for the public, $15 for members.
Free for Coaches.

RSVP on Facebook

Email for more information. 

Our Founders

Wendy Wolock
Geoff Blake

Meet Our Staff

Joshua Day

NSCA CSCS, soon-to-be LMT Gymnastics, Futbol, T&F/XC, Olympic Lifting, Power Lifting.

Goal:  To weigh more than 150lbs.

Wesley Jamison

 CPT, M. Ed.

Strength training, kettlebells, eating breakfast

Goal: Make strength possible for everyone in Baltimore. Do a muscle up.

William Lomax

Holistic health and performance

Devout Generalist, weightlifting, mobility, yoga, martial arts, mindfulness, meditation, pain management, elder and youth fitness

Imagining being a positive drop in the infinite seas of consciousness

Chauncey Whitehead

AFAA Group Exercise/Personal Trainer, aspiring B.S in Exercise Science

Functional fitness, Bodybuilding, Endurance training

Attempted Guinness Book of World Records for most crunches in 1 hour to raise awareness of YMCA transitional housing program, raising funds for every family in the program to have Thanksgiving dinner

Stephen McGill 


Weight Training, Cardio, HIIT

Collection Sneakers, Creating Cool Playlist, and writing the coolest children’s book series ever, The Electrifying Adventures of Mr. Powers

Parth Naik

Student Physical Therapist (Doctorate expected ’20)

Weightlifting, Rock Climbing, Hand-balancing, Acrobatics, Martial Arts, Dance, Parkour… I like to move!

I love to play music and engage with the arts!

Timothy Rich
Nathalie Iden & Erika Misewich
Visharad Moktan
Corey, Zyon and Micah
Corey, Zyon, Micah

2019, 2020 Strength Ambassadors

Terrence, Carlos, Di'Kera

2021 Strength Ambassadors

Our board of directors
Moe Shoots

Baltimore Ravens
Guest Experience Manager

Andrew McCrumb
Justin Fair
Emily Bryson
Sasha Flores
Traci Mitchell
Rachel Curran
Advisory Board
Ali Smith
Tamra Perkins CPA

Our Blog



People have been asking for memberships to our super awesome community gym for quite a long time, and we couldn’t open up our doors to everyone who asked because the gym would be so packed that it could interfere with our singular focus of Strengthening Baltimore’s Youth. After much deliberation, we have decided to open our doors for a few members so we can have the focus and space to welcome our youth. 

If you’re interested in a membership please email Wes at

"Thank you for helping me build confidence, and for doubting myself less."

That’s what Di’Kera, one of our Strength Ambassadors in 2021 said to her Coaches at the end of the summer program.

Our young people: 

  • Have more confidence
  • Have healthy mentors
  • Have safe space to exercise
  • Feel stronger and healthier
  • Are part of a healthy community

And we know that all of these impacts are linked to positive outcomes in the classroom, in the mind, and in life.

If you want to help make health possible for Baltimore’s youth, please become a supporter now.

Monthly $8.34

1,000 Super Supporters

Annual $100

MissionFit Custom Donation or Custom Subscription

Super Supporter Recurring Donations!

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